Who we are

Kalamandir Saksham SHG Federation is a community-based organisation of artisans and SHG members who have been mobilised by the promoter NGO – Kalamandir, the Celluloid Chapter Art Foundation during the first 10 years of their existence. Kalamandir – the CCAF had always been trying to develop sustainable livelihood of artisans at a micro level with local resource mobilization and capacity building of the traditional and tribal artists/artisans.

Since its inception, volunteers of Kalamandir – the CCAF   moved in to the deeper tribal hinterlands and established contact with some of the surviving artisan/ artists and identified their creative produces. These products often lacked marketability. Soon the promoter body and the artisans realised that proper marketing of the crafts could become a potential source for survival and sustenance of the tribals. The society ’Kalamandir Saksham SHG Federation’ was formed by the artisans to run their own business with their own people and resources. Initially, production and procurement of finished products were done by Kalamandir. But on 27 March 2007,  a new journey began when Biponi -  the handicraft stall - was renovated and handed over to the Federation to manage.  The profits from items sold at  Biponi  benefit the artisans and their family. From 23 members they have grown into a group of 211 families.